Sun Enterprise Server Alternate Pathing 2.0.1 Installation and Release Notes

Chapter 1 Alternate Pathing 2.0.1 on the Sun Enterprise 10000

Alternate Pathing (AP) 2.0.1 is supported on Enterprise 10000 domains.

AP enables you to define and control alternate physical paths to peripheral devices, adding increased availability and a level of fault recovery to your server. If a physical path to a device becomes unavailable, an alternate path can be used.

For more information about the operation of AP 2.0.1, see the Sun Enterprise Server Alternate Pathing 2.0.1 User's Guide on the Sun Enterprise Server Alternate Pathing CD.

AP works only with networks, dual-ported SPARCstorage(TM) Array drives, and Sun StorEdge A5000 devices, and is compatible with Sun EnterpriseTM Volume Manager (SEVM, version 2.5) and Solstice(TM) DiskSuite(TM) 4.1 with the appropriate patches. This release of AP is not compatible with Solstice DiskSuite 4.0.

Note -

SEVM 2.5 DMP is incompatible with AP. Veritas 2.5 DMP checks for AP metadevices, and bars installation of itself if it finds them.

General Issues

This section contains general issues that involve AP on the Enterprise 10000 server. You should read this section before you attempt to install or configure AP.

Supported Devices

The following devices are supported by the AP software on Sun Enterprise servers:

Sun StorEdge A3000

The Sun StorEdge A3000 supports failover capabilities that are similar to those provided by AP. Because of this, AP does not support the Sun StorEdge A3000. See that product's documentation for more information about its failover support.

Sun StorEdge A5000

AP supports the Sun StorEdge A5000 for this release.


This is the first release of AP 2.0.1 that supports the AnswerBook2 viewer. Both the AB2 viewer and the AB2 documents are on the Sun Enterprise Server Alternate Pathing 2.0.1 CD. Please refer to the installation and using guides that that are on the CD in PostScript® form in the /Docs directory. You will need to install the AB2 server before you install any AB2 documents. You must install the following packages:

Known Bugs

There are no known bugs in this release of AP.