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Sun Management Center 3.5 software is an open, extensible system monitoring and management application that uses Javatrademark software protocol and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to provide an integrated and comprehensive enterprise-wide management of Suntrademark products and their subsystems, components, and peripheral devices.

The Starfire hardware configuration information resides on both the System Service Processor (SSP) and on each of the individual Starfire platform domains. Sun Starfire domain hosts can take advantage of the Sun Management Center services, since a Starfire host operates in the same manner as any other Solaris Operating Environment host.

Hardware configuration information is provided by platform-specific Sun Management Center agent Config Reader modules. The information provided by these Config Reader modules is displayed in the physical view and logical view of the Sun Management Center Details window. The add-on Starfire components provide this Config Reader support for Starfire domains and platforms.

Chapter 1 of the Sun Management Center 3.5 User's Guide includes definitions, explanations, and diagrams that clarify the Sun Management Center architecture. Refer to this chapter whenever you have questions about how consoles, servers, agents, domains, and modules interact.

Note - Sun Management Center 3.5 software for Starfire servers is not intended to replace hostview. Its primary purpose is to monitor your system components rather than manage them.

Note - Starfire Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) is not supported in this Sun Management Center software release.