Sun Enterprise Server Alternate Pathing 2.0.1 Installation and Release Notes

General Issues

Installation of the packages on the enclosed CD-ROM requires approximately 2.7 megabytes of disk space on the host domain and 37 kilobytes on the SSP. The following table lists the total size of the AP software by file system:

Table 2-1 AP Software File-System Sizes

File System 














Backing Up Your Server

Always back up an existing server before you install any software. The safest backup to perform is a level 0 dump (ufsdump(1M)) of the file systems connected to the server. If you do not have an established backup procedure, see the System Administration Guide.

You do not need to back out installed patches before you perform the installation.

Checking Other Software Documentation

Check the documentation of other software you are running, such as any disk volume managers, before you install the AP packages. There may be additional instructions you need to follow to preserve existing configurations. Also, be sure to check the release notes for AP and any volume managers you are using.

Caution - Caution -

Before you proceed with the following procedures, read the release notes for AP 2.0.1, as well as the release notes for any volume managers you may be using.