FIGURE 2-1 small spaceServer

FIGURE 2-2 small spaceMotherboard and UltraSPARC T1 Multicore Processor

FIGURE 2-3 small spaceServer Front Panel

FIGURE 2-4 small spaceServer Rear Panel

FIGURE 3-1 small spaceDiagnostic Flow Chart

FIGURE 3-2 small spaceFront Panel LEDs

FIGURE 3-3 small spaceRear Panel LEDs

FIGURE 3-4 small spaceHard Drive LEDs

FIGURE 3-5 small spacePower Supply LEDs

FIGURE 3-6 small spaceLocation of Fan LEDs

FIGURE 3-7 small spaceLocation of the Blower Unit LED

FIGURE 3-8 small spaceEthernet Port LEDs

FIGURE 3-9 small spaceALOM CMT Fault Management

FIGURE 3-10 small spaceFlowchart of ALOM CMT Variables for POST Configuration

FIGURE 3-11 small spaceSunVTS GUI

FIGURE 3-12 small spaceSunVTS Test Selection Panel

FIGURE 4-1 small spaceFan Identification and Removal

FIGURE 4-2 small spaceLocating Power Supplies and Release Latch

FIGURE 4-3 small spaceRotating the Cable Management Arm

FIGURE 4-4 small spaceRemoving the Rear Blower

FIGURE 4-5 small spaceReplacing the Blower Unit

FIGURE 4-6 small spaceLocating the Hard Drive Release Button and Latch

FIGURE 5-1 small spaceSlide Release Latches

FIGURE 5-2 small spaceLocating the Metal Lever

FIGURE 5-3 small spaceTop Cover and Release Button

FIGURE 5-4 small spaceRemoving the Front Bezel From the Server Chassis

FIGURE 5-5 small spaceLocation of PCI-Express and PCI-X Card Slots

FIGURE 5-6 small spaceLocation of PCI-Express and PCI-X Card Slots

FIGURE 5-7 small spacePCI Card and Hold-Down Bracket

FIGURE 5-8 small spaceDIMM Locations

FIGURE 5-9 small spaceEjecting and Removing the System Controller Card

FIGURE 5-10 small spaceLocating the System Configuration PROM

FIGURE 5-11 small spaceMotherboard Assembly

FIGURE 5-12 small spaceCable Cutout

FIGURE 5-13 small spaceLocation of the Screws in the Motherboard Assembly

FIGURE 5-14 small spaceRemoving the Motherboard Assembly From the Server Chassis.

FIGURE 5-15 small spaceInstalling the Motherboard Assembly

FIGURE 5-16 small spaceSecuring the Motherboard Assembly to the Chassis

FIGURE 5-17 small spaceLocation of Power Supply Latch

FIGURE 5-18 small spaceLocation of Bus Bar Screws on the Power Distribution Board and the Motherboard Assembly

FIGURE 5-19 small spaceRemoving the Power Distribution Board

FIGURE 5-20 small spaceInstalling the Power Distribution Board

FIGURE 5-21 small spaceRemoving the LED Board From the Chassis

FIGURE 5-22 small spaceRemoving the Fan Power Board

FIGURE 5-23 small spaceRemoving the Fan Guard

FIGURE 5-24 small spaceRemoving the Front I/O Board

FIGURE 5-25 small spaceRemoving the SAS Disk Backplane

FIGURE 5-26 small spaceReplacing the SAS Disk Backplane

FIGURE 5-27 small spaceRemoving the Battery From the System Controller

FIGURE 5-28 small spaceReplacing the Battery in the System Controller

FIGURE 5-29 small spaceReplacing the Top Front Cover

FIGURE 5-30 small spaceReturning the Server to the Rack

FIGURE 5-31 small spaceRelease Levers

FIGURE 5-32 small spaceInstalling the CMA

FIGURE 6-1 small spaceHard Drive Slots

FIGURE 6-2 small spaceAdding a USB Device

FIGURE 6-3 small spaceDIMM Layout

FIGURE 6-4 small spaceLocation of PCI-Express and PCI-X Card Slots

FIGURE A-1 small spaceField-Replaceable Units (1 of 2)

FIGURE A-2 small spaceField-Replaceable Units (2 of 2)