FIGURE 1-1 small spaceSun Fire T1000 Server

FIGURE 1-2 small spaceSlide Rail Assembly

FIGURE 1-3 small spaceMounting Bracket Locks

FIGURE 1-4 small spaceCable Management Bracket

FIGURE 1-5 small spaceLocations of Ports and Connectors on the Rear Panel

FIGURE 2-1 small spaceUnlocking the Slide Rail Assembly

FIGURE 2-2 small spaceMounting Bracket Release Button

FIGURE 2-3 small spaceAttaching a Mounting Bracket to the Chassis

FIGURE 2-4 small spaceCaptive Screws on the Slide Rail

FIGURE 2-5 small spaceUsing the Extension Bracket

FIGURE 2-6 small spaceMounting the Slide Rail

FIGURE 2-7 small spaceUsing the Slide Rail Spacing Tool to Adjust the Distance Between the Slide Rails

FIGURE 2-8 small spaceMounting the Chassis on the Slide Rails

FIGURE 2-9 small spaceRear Panel Connectors

FIGURE 2-10 small spaceSystem Controller Serial and Network Ports, Rear of Chassis

FIGURE 2-11 small spaceSerial Port (TTYA)

FIGURE 3-1 small spaceAC Connector