Release Notes: Netscape Messaging Server 4.15

These notes were last updated January 13, 2000.

These release notes contain important information about Netscape Messaging Server 4.15. Please read these notes before using the product.

Messaging Server 4.15 is available for the following platforms (refer to the Messaging Server Tuning Guide for required and recommended patches):

For Messenger Express access, Messaging Server 4.15 requires a Javascript-enabled browser.

The server is compatible with Netscape Navigator 3.x and 4.x, and Internet Explorer 3.02 and above. These browsers support Javascript and therefore will support Messenger Express access to Netscape Messaging Server 4.15. For optimal performance, Netscape recommends using the following browsers:

Use of this product is subject to the terms detailed in the license agreement accompanying it. For information on installing Netscape Messaging Server 4.15, see

These release notes contain the following sections:

What's New in This Release

Netscape Messaging Server 4.15 enables ESPs and ISPs to quickly build business-grade messaging services for conducting communication and commerce with entire communities of employees, partners, suppliers, and customers. New features of Messaging Server 4.15 include:

Known Limitations and Considerations

Messaging Server 4.15 includes the following limitations and considerations: (See also Potential Problems and Solutions later in this document for other issues that might affect product capability or use.)

Installation and Upgrade

Netscape Console and Administration Server

Linux Issues

Other Limitations and Considerations

Potential Problems and Solutions

The following section details the known problems and solutions for the Messaging Server 4.15 release. If a bug-report number follows the problem, please use that number when communicating with Technical Support concerning the problem.

See also the previous section, Known Limitations and Considerations, and the following section, Corrections to the Documentation, for other issues that might affect product capability or use.

Installation and Upgrade

Linux Issues

Other Problems and Potential Solutions

Corrections to the Documentation

Please note the following corrections to the Messaging Server 4.15 documentation:

How to Report Problems

See the Technical Support site at

Where to Go for More Information

For Messaging Server 4.15 installation instructions, visit

The administrator's guide and related documents are posted at the location

Installation instructions and release notes for all Netscape servers are posted at the location

If you can't find the information you need, please contact Technical Support.

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