Application Packaging Developer's Guide

ProcedureHow to Organize a Package's Contents

  1. Determine how many packages you need to create and which package objects shall be located in each package.

    For help in completing this step, see Considerations Before Building a Package.

  2. Create a directory for each package you need to build.

    You can create this directory anywhere on your system and name it anything you like. The examples in this chapter assume that a package directory has the same name as the package abbreviation.

    $ cd /home/jane
    $ mkdir SUNWcadap
  3. Organize the package objects in each package into a directory structure beneath their corresponding package directory. The directory structure must mimic the structure that the package objects will have on the target system.

    For example, the CAD application package, SUNWcadap, requires the following directory structure.

    Diagram shows teh structure of the SUNWcadap package directory.
  4. Decide where you will keep your information files. If appropriate, create a directory to keep the files in one location.

    This example assumes that the example pkginfo file from How to Create a pkginfo File was created in Jane's home directory.

    $ cd /home/jane
    $ mkdir InfoFiles
    $ mv pkginfo InfoFiles
See Also

See How to Create a prototype File by Using the pkgproto Command.