Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Script Processing During Package Removal

When a package is being removed, the pkgrm command performs these steps:

  1. Executes the preremove script.

  2. Removes the package objects, for each class

    Removal also occurs class by class. Removal scripts are processed in the reverse order of installation, based on the sequence defined in the CLASSES parameter. For more information on how classes are processed during installation, see How Classes Are Processed During Package Installation.

    1. Removes hard links.

    2. Removes regular files.

    3. Removes symbolic links, devices, and named pipes.

  3. Executes the postremove script.

The request script is not processed at the time of package removal. However, the script's output is retained in the installed package and made available to removal scripts. The request script's output is a list of environment variables.