Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Image Packaging System (IPS) Packages

This document discusses SVR4 packages. For delivery into the OpenSolaris OS, consider using Image Packaging System (IPS) packages. The OpenSolaris OS supports both SVR4 and IPS packages. The IPS software interacts with network repositories and uses the ZFS file system. In the OpenSolaris OS, you can publish existing SVR4 packages to an IPS repository with the pkgsend(1) command.

The following table contains a comparison of commands for the SVR4 packaging system and the IPS packaging system. For detailed information on IPS, see Getting Started With the Image Packaging System.

Table 1–1 Packaging Tasks: IPS and SVR4


IPS command 

SVR4 command 

Install a new package 

pkg install

pkgadd -a

Display information about a package's state 

pkg list


Verify correct installation of a package 

pkg verify

pkgchk -v

Display information about a package 

pkg info

pkginfo -l

Listing the contents of a package 

pkg contents

pkgchk -l

Uninstall a package 

pkg uninstall