Solaris ZFS Administration Guide

Simplified Administration

Most importantly, ZFS provides a greatly simplified administration model. Through the use of hierarchical file system layout, property inheritance, and automanagement of mount points and NFS share semantics, ZFS makes it easy to create and manage file systems without needing multiple commands or editing configuration files. You can easily set quotas or reservations, turn compression on or off, or manage mount points for numerous file systems with a single command. Devices can be examined or repaired without having to understand a separate set of volume manager commands. You can take an unlimited number of instantaneous snapshots of file systems. You can backup and restore individual file systems.

ZFS manages file systems through a hierarchy that allows for this simplified management of properties such as quotas, reservations, compression, and mount points. In this model, file systems become the central point of control. File systems themselves are very cheap (equivalent to a new directory), so you are encouraged to create a file system for each user, project, workspace, and so on. This design allows you to define fine-grained management points.