Solaris ZFS Administration Guide

ZFS File System Properties for the Solaris CIFS Service

Solaris Express Community Edition, build 77: This release provides support for the SolarisTM Common Internet File System (CIFS) service. This product provides the ability to share files between Solaris and Windows or MacOS systems.

To facilitate sharing files between these systems by using the Solaris CIFS service, the following new ZFS properties are provided:

Currently, the sharesmb property is available to share ZFS files in the Solaris CIFS environment. More ZFS CIFS-related properties will be available in an upcoming release. For information about using the sharesmb property, see Sharing ZFS Files in a Solaris CIFS Environment.

In addition to the ZFS properties added for supporting the Solaris CIFS software product, the vscan property is available for scanning ZFS files if you have a 3rd-party virus scanning engine.