Solaris ZFS Administration Guide

The sharesmb Property

This property enables sharing of ZFS file systems with the Solaris CIFS service, and identifies options to be used.

Because SMB shares requires a resource name, a unique resource name is constructed from the dataset name. The constructed name is a copy of the dataset name except that the characters in the dataset name, which would be illegal in the resource name, are replaced with underscore (_) characters. A pseudo property name is also supported that allows you to replace the dataset name with a specific name. The specific name is then used to replace the prefix dataset in the case of inheritance.

For example, if the dataset, data/home/john, is set to name=john, then data/home/john has a resource name of john. If a child dataset of data/home/john/backups exists, it has a resource name of john_backups. When the sharesmb property is changed for a dataset, the dataset and any children inheriting the property are re-shared with the new options, only if the property was previously set to off, or if they were shared before the property was changed. If the new property is set to off, the file systems are unshared.

For examples of using the sharesmb property, see Sharing ZFS Files in a Solaris CIFS Environment.