Oracle Solaris Modular Debugger Guide


int mdb_lookup_by_addr(uintptr_t addr, uint_t flag, char *buf,
        size_t len, GElf_Sym *sym);

Locate the symbol corresponding to the specified address and copy the ELF symbol information into the GElf_Sym pointed to by sym and the symbol name into the character array addressed by buf. If a corresponding symbol is found, the function returns 0; otherwise -1 is returned.

The flag parameter specifies the lookup mode and should be one of the following:


Allow fuzzy matching to take place, based on the current symbol distance setting. The symbol distance can be controlled using the ::set -s built-in. If an explicit symbol distance has been set (absolute mode), the address can match a symbol if the distance from the symbol's value to the address does not exceed the absolute symbol distance. If smart mode is enabled (symbol distance = 0), then the address can match the symbol if it is in the range [symbol value, symbol value + symbol size).


Disallow fuzzy matching. The symbol can match only the address if the symbol value exactly equals the specified address.

If a symbol match occurs, the name of the symbol is copied into the buf supplied by the caller. The len parameter specifies the length of this buffer in bytes. The caller's buf should be at least of size MDB_SYM_NAMLEN bytes. The debugger copies the name to this buffer and appends a trailing null byte. If the name length exceeds the length of the buffer, the name is truncated but always includes a trailing null byte.