Oracle Solaris Modular Debugger Guide

Files, Processes, and Threads Walkers


Given the address of a proc_t structure as a starting point, iterate over the set of open files (file_t structures) associated with the specified process. The file_t structure is defined in <sys/file.h>.


Iterate over the active process (proc_t) structures. This structure is defined in <sys/proc.h>.


Given a task pointer, iterate over the list of proc_t structures for processes that are members of the given task.


Iterate over a set of kernel thread (kthread_t) structures. If the global walk is invoked, all kernel threads are returned by the walker. If a local walk is invoked using a proc_t address as the starting point, the set of threads associated with the specified process is returned. The kthread_t structure is defined in <sys/thread.h>.