Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling: Encodings Format

The Maxclass= Keyword

The optional maxclass= keyword specifies the maximum classification with which the word should be associated. The classification specified starts with the first non-blank character following the blank after the keyword, and continues up to the next semicolon or the end of the line. The classification can be either the short, long, or alternate name of a classification defined in the CLASSIFICATIONS: section. If the maximum classification with which a word can be associated is the classification with the highest value (as defined by the value= keyword), then there is no need to make a maxclass= keyword specification.

The maxclass= keyword must be used with extreme caution. Care must be taken if maxclass= is specified for a word to insure that the classification in a label with the word cannot be raised through combination with a label containing a higher classification. Such a combination must automatically remove the word with the maxclass. Note that both words in Appendix B, Annotated Sample Encodings with a maxclass= specification, bravo4 and charlie, are inverse words that are removed upon combination with a label with a higher classification: