System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

User and Site Initialization Files Examples

The following sections provide examples of user and site initialization files that you can use to start customizing your own initialization files. These examples use system names and paths that you need to change for your particular site.

Example 4–2 The .profile File

(Line 1) PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:. 
(Line 2) MAIL=/var/mail/$LOGNAME 
(Line 3) NNTPSERVER=server1 
(Line 4) MANPATH=/usr/share/man:/usr/local/man 
(Line 5) PRINTER=printer1 
(Line 6) umask 022 
  1. Defines the user's shell search path

  2. Defines the path to the user's mail file

  3. Defines the user's Usenet news server

  4. Defines the user's search path for man pages

  5. Defines the user's default printer

  6. Sets the user's default file creation permissions

  7. Sets the listed environment variables

Example 4–3 The .cshrc File

(Line 1) set path=($PATH $HOME/bin /usr/local/bin /usr/ccs/bin)
(Line 2) setenv MAIL /var/mail/$LOGNAME 
(Line 3) setenv NNTPSERVER server1 
(Line 4) setenv PRINTER printer1 
(Line 5) alias h history 
(Line 6) umask 022 
(Line 7) source /net/server2/site-init-files/site.login 
  1. Defines the user's shell search path.

  2. Defines the path to the user's mail file.

  3. Defines the user's Usenet news server.

  4. Defines the user's default printer.

  5. Creates an alias for the history command. The user needs to type only h to run the history command.

  6. Sets the user's default file creation permissions.

  7. Sources the site initialization file.

Example 4–4 Site Initialization File

The following shows an example site initialization file in which a user can choose a particular version of an application.

# @(#)site.login
echo "Application Environment Selection"
echo ""
echo "1. Application, Version 1"
echo "2. Application, Version 2"
echo "" 
echo -n "Type 1 or 2 and press Return to set your 
application environment: " 

set choice = $<	

if ( $choice !~ [1-2] ) then 
goto main 

switch ($choice) 

case "1": 
setenv APPHOME /opt/app-v.1 

case "2": 
setenv APPHOME /opt/app-v.2 

This site initialization file could be referenced in a user's .cshrc file (C shell users only) with the following line:

source /net/server2/site-init-files/site.login

In this line, the site initialization file is named site.login and is located on a server named server2. This line also assumes that the automounter is running on the user's system.