System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Adding OS Services

A Solaris OS server is a server that provides operating system (OS) services to support diskless client systems. You can add support for an OS server or convert a stand-alone system to an OS server by using the smosservice command.

For each platform group and Solaris release that you want to support, you must add the particular OS service to the OS server. For example, if you want to support SPARC sun-4u systems running the Solaris Express release, you must add the Sun-4u/Solaris Express OS services to the OS server. For each diskless client that you support, you must add the OS service for that client to the OS server. For example, you would need to add OS services to support SPARC sun-4m systems or x86 based systems that run the Solaris 10 or Solaris 9 release, because they are different platform groups.

You must have access to the appropriate Solaris software CD or disk image to add OS services.