System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

ProcedureHow to Boot Without Starting Any Services

If problems with starting services occur, sometimes a system will hang during the boot. This procedure shows how to troubleshoot this problem.

  1. Boot without starting any services.

    This command instructs the svc.startd daemon to temporarily disable all services and start sulogin on the console.

    ok boot -m milestone=none
  2. Log in to the system as root.

  3. Enable all services.

    # svcadm milestone all
  4. Determine where the boot process is hanging.

    When the boot process hangs, determine which services are not running by running svcs -a. Look for error messages in the log files in /var/svc/log.

  5. After fixing the problems, verify that all services have started.

    1. Verify that all needed services are online.

      # svcs -x
    2. Verify that the console-login service dependencies are satisfied.

      This command verifies that the login process on the console will run.

      # svcs -l system/console-login:default
  6. Continue the normal booting process.