System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

SMF Profiles

An SMF profile is an XML file that lists a set of service instances and whether each should be enabled or disabled. Some profiles which are delivered with the Solaris release include:

During the first boot after a new installation or an upgrade to the Solaris 10 release or any of the subsequent Solaris Express releases, some Solaris profiles are automatically applied. To be specific, the /var/svc/profile/generic.xml profile is applied. This file is usually symbolically linked to generic_open.xml or generic_limited_net.xml. Also, if a profile called site.xml is in /var/svc/profile during the first boot or is added between boots, the contents of this profile are applied. By using the site.xml profile, the initial set of enabled services may be customized by the administrator.

For more information about using profiles, see How to Apply an SMF Profile.