System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

What's New in Managing System Resources?

This section describes new or changed features for managing system resources in this Solaris release. For information about new or changes features in the Solaris 10 OS, see the following:

prtconf Option to Display Product Names

Solaris 10 1/06: A new -b option has been added to the prtconf command for the purpose of displaying a system's product name. This option is similar to the uname -i command. However, the prtconf -b command is specifically designed to determine the marketing name of a product.

The firmware device tree root properties that are displayed by using the -b option to the prtconf command are as follows:

To display additional platform- specific output that might be available, use the prtconf -vb command. For more information, see the prtconf(1M) man page and How to Display a System's Product Name.