System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

x86: What to Do if the Multiboot Module From Previous GRUB Implementation Is Loaded at Boot Time

The Solaris installation software and utilities, including the bootadm command, use the presence of the /boot/multiboot and /platform/i86pc/multiboot files to determine if the system's running OS or the Solaris installation software implements the GRUB boot method or the Solaris Device Configuration Assistant boot method.

In this Solaris release, hanges have been made to the GRUB bootloader that enable direct loading and booting of the unix kernel. The GRUB multiboot module is no longer used. This implementation integrates the previous multiboot functionality directly into the platform-specific unix kernel module.

If the multiboot module from the previous GRUB implementation is loaded by GRUB, the console displays the following error message:

multiboot is no longer used to boot the Solaris Operating System.
The grub entry should be changed to:
kernel$ /platform/i86pc/kernel/$ISADIR/unix
module$ /platform/i86pc/$ISADIR/boot_archive
See for details.
Press any key to reboot.

If the preceding message is displayed, you will need to update the entries in the GRUB menu.lst manually to successfully boot the system. More information can be found at See also the boot(1M) man page. For more information, see Error Messages Upon System Boot in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration.