System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System

Assigning a CD-ROM Device to a Guest

Assigning the CD-ROM Device to an HVM Guest

You cannot add temporary access to a device for an HVM domU because you cannot dynamically add IDE CD-ROM devices. To make a CD-ROM available for use in an HVM guest, you must add the device before you boot the guest. You can then change the media by using virsh attach-disk.

Note that in an HVM domU, you must use eject in the domU to unlock a removable-media device, such as a CD device, before running the attach-disk subcommand.

The attach-disksubcommand is also used to change the media in a CD drive.

For additional explanation, see the virsh(1M) man page, including “Example 4 Changing a CD in a Solaris HVM Guest Domain.”

Assigning the CD-ROM Device to a PV Guest

In PV guest domains, you can use virsh attach-disk to add a CD device and detach-disk to remove it. These commands can be used on halted or running domUs. If you want to change the CD after attaching the device, you must use virshdetach-disk and then virsh attach-disk with the new media.