System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System

Hardware Platform for Running Sun xVM Hypervisor

Supported hardware includes x64 and x86 machines.




AMD or Intel x86/x64 (AMD-V or Intel-VT for HVM domains) 

Requires at least 2 cores, 1 for the control domain and at least 1 for the guest. 


Default configuration requires 4 GB. 

I/O (Disk on which control domain 0 is installed) 

  • SCSI, iSCSI, Serial ATA (SATA) or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS).

  • Fibre channel to a JBOD (term for just a bunch of disks or drives).

Note –

Legacy ATA (IDE) drives are acceptable for devices such as CD-ROM. These drives are not recommended as the root or image drive on which control domain 0 is installed, for performance reasons.

I/O (Attached Storage) 

CIFS, NFS, TCP/IP, and Ethernet