System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System

Control Domain 0

For the latest information on Domain 0, see the document dom0 configuration for admins .

The control domain is a version of Solaris modified to run under the xVM hypervisor. When the control domain is running, the control tools are enabled. In most other respects, the control domain 0 instance runs and behaves like an unmodified instance of the Solaris Operating System.

The control domain provides console access to the guest domains it controls, but you cannot otherwise access a guest domain from the control domain unless you use the remote login commands rlogin, telnet, and ssh. A control domain should be reserved for system management work associated with running a hypervisor. This means, for example, that users should not have logins on the control domain. The control domain provides shared access to a physical network interface to the guest domains, which have no direct access to physical devices.

If a control domain crashes with a standard Solaris panic, the dump will include just the control domain. Also see About Crash Dumps.

The following information applies to the control domain: