System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System

Starting and Persistently Enabling Extended Accounting

Tthe acctadm command described in acctadm(1M) starts extended accounting through the Solaris service management facility (SMF) service described in smf(5).

The extended accounting configuration is stored in the SMF repository. The configuration is restored at boot by a service instance, one for each accounting type. Each of the extended accounting types is represented by a separate instance of the SMF service:


Flow accounting


Process accounting


Task accounting


Network accounting

Enabling extended accounting by using acctadm(1M) causes the corresponding service instance to be enabled if not currently enabled, so that the extended accounting configuration will be restored at the next boot. Similarly, if the configuration results in accounting being disabled for a service, the service instance will be disabled. The instances are enabled or disabled by acctadm as needed.

To permanently activate extended accounting for a resource, run:

# acctadm -e resource_list

resource_list is a comma-separated list of resources or resource groups.