System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System

Installer Options




Location of archive from which to copy system image. Full flash archive and cpio, gzip compressed cpio, bzip compressed cpio, and level 0 ufsdump are supported. Refer to the gzip man page available in the SUNWsfman package.

-d path

Location of directory from which to copy system image. 


Use the -d option with the dash parameter to direct that the existing directory layout be used in the zonepath. Thus, if the administrator manually sets up the zonepath directory before the installation, the -d option can be used to indicate that the directory already exists.


Preserve system identity. 


Install silently. 


sys-unconfig the zone.


Verbose output. 

The -a and -d options are mutually exclusive. The -p, -s, -u and -v options are only allowed when either -a or -d is provided.