System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System

JumpStart Installation

JumpStart configuration files are manually created and managed. You can initiate a custom JumpStart through network installation after setting up the server. When you create a profile server, you must ensure that systems can access the JumpStart directory on the profile server during a custom JumpStart installation. Each time that you add a system for network installation, use the add_install_client command to specify the profile server. You use the add_install_client command to create the /etc/bootparams entry for the domU.

To do a JumpStart with virt-install, use the --autocf option. For example:

--autocf nfs:install:/export/jumpstart/jump-user/x86

You cannot use a full path such as:

--autocf /net/install/export/jumpstart/jump-user/x86

Example 39–3 JumpStart

virt-install -n gath-01 -r 1000 --nographics -f /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s3 \
-m aa:04:03:35:a8:06 -p \
-l /net/install48/export/xvm/xvmgate-70i72/solarisdvd.iso
--autocf nfs:install:/export/jumpstart/jump-user/x86