System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System

Solaris Virtualization Product Overview

This chapter provides a brief overview of virtualization using the Solaris Operating System.

About Virtualization

The goal of virtualization is to move from managing individual datacenter components to managing pools of resources. Successful server virtualization can lead to improved server utilization and more efficient use of server assets. Server virtualization is also important for successful server consolidation projects that maintain the isolation of separate systems.

Virtualization is driven by the need to consolidate multiple hosts and services on a single machine. Virtualization reduces costs through the sharing of hardware, infrastructure, and administration. Benefits include the following:

Virtualization products offered by Sun Microsystems include the following:

For an index of Sun's virtualization products, with links to additional documentation and information, see Sun Virtualization Technologies.

Associated OpenSolaris Communities

The OpenSolaris Xen, Zones, and Networking communities provide information, discussion groups, and the ability to participate in feature development for the technologies discussed in this guide. Also visit the Logical Domains community for information about LDoms technology and links to documentation.