System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System

Using pkgrm in the Global Zone

The pkgrm utility can be used with the -G option from the global zone to remove packages from the global zone only. The package must not affect any area of the global zone shared with non-global zones or be installed in any non-global zone.

When the pkgrm utility is used in the global zone, the following actions apply.

Note that a package can only be removed from a non-global zone by a zone administrator working in that zone if the following are true:

Removing a Package From the Global Zone and From all Non-Global Zones

To remove a package from the global zone and from all non-global zones, execute the pkgrm utility in the global zone. As the global administrator, run pkgrm without the -G option.

A package can be removed from the global zone and from all non-global zones without regard to the area affected by the package.

The following steps are performed by the pkgrm utility: