System Administration Guide: IP Services

DHCP Manager Window

The DHCP Manager window's appearance depends on how the DHCP server is configured on the system on which DHCP Manager is running.

DHCP Manager uses a tab-based window when the system is configured as a DHCP server. You select a tab for the type of information you want to work with. DHCP Manager features the following tabs:

The following figure shows how the DHCP Manager window might look when you start DHCP Manager on a DHCP server.

Figure 14–1 DHCP Manager on a DHCP Server System

Shows Addresses tab with network numbers, client
names, and lease information.

When the server is configured as a BOOTP relay agent, the DHCP Manager window does not show these tabs. The BOOTP relay agent does not need the same information. You can only modify the BOOTP relay agent's properties and stop or start the DHCP daemon with DHCP Manager. The following figure shows how DHCP Manager might look on a system that is configured as a BOOTP relay agent.

Figure 14–2 DHCP Manager on a BOOTP Relay Agent

The window displays the BOOTP Relay tab, which
tells you to manage the relay service through the Service menu.