System Administration Guide: Security Services

ACL Entries for Directories

In addition to the ACL entries that are described in Table 7–7, you can set default ACL entries on a directory. Files or directories created in a directory that has default ACL entries will have the same ACL entries as the default ACL entries. Table 7–8 lists the default ACL entries for directories.

When you set default ACL entries for specific users and groups on a directory for the first time, you must also set default ACL entries for the file owner, file group, others, and the ACL mask. These entries are required. They are the first four default ACL entries in the following table.

Table 7–8 Default ACL Entries for Directories

Default ACL Entry 



Default file owner permissions. 


Default file group permissions. 


Default permissions for users other than the file owner or members of the file group. 


Default ACL mask. 


Default permissions for a specific user. For uid, you can specify either a user name or a numeric UID.


Default permissions for a specific group. For gid, you can specify either a group name or a numeric GID.