System Administration Guide: Security Services

About Virus Scanning

Data is protected from viruses by a scanning service, vscan, that uses various scan engines. A scan engine is a third-party application, residing on an external host, that examines a file for known viruses. A file is a candidate for virus scanning if the file system supports the vscan service, the service has been enabled, and the type of file has not been exempted. The virus scan is then performed on a file during open and close operations if the file has not been scanned with the current virus definitions previously or if the file has been modified since it was last scanned.

The vscan service can be configured to use multiple scan engines. It is recommended that the vscan service use a minimum of two scan engines. The requests for virus scans are distributed among all available scan engines. Table 4–1 shows the scan engines that are supported when configured with their most recent patch.

Table 4–1 Antivirus Scan Engine Software

Antivirus Software 

ICAP Support 

Symantec Antivirus Scan Engine 4.3 

Is supported 

Symantec Antivirus Scan Engine 5.1 

Is supported 

Computer Associates eTrust AntiVirus 7.1 

Computer Associates Integrated Threat Management 8.1 

Is not supported [Requires installation of the Sun StorageTek 5000 NAS ICAP Server for Computer Associates Antivirus Scan Engine. Get the package from the Sun Download Center:.]

Trend Micro Interscan Web Security Suite (IWSS) 2.5 

Is supported 

McAfee Secure Internet Gateway 4.5 

Is supported