Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide

Process Model Translators

The DTrace library file /usr/lib/dtrace/procfs.d provides a set of translators for use in your D programs to translate from the operating system kernel implementation structures for processes and threads to the stable proc(4) structures psinfo and lwpsinfo. These structures are also used in the Solaris /proc filesystem files /proc/pid/psinfo and /proc/pid/lwps/lwpid/lwpsinfo, and are defined in the system header file /usr/include/sys/procfs.h. These structures define useful Stable information about processes and threads such as the process ID, LWP ID, initial arguments, and other data displayed by the ps(1) command. Refer to proc(4) for a complete description of the struct members and semantics.

Table 40–1 procfs.d Translators

Input Type 

Input Type Attributes 

Output Type 

Output Type Attributes 

proc_t *


psinfo_t *


kthread_t *


lwpsinfo_t *