System Administration Guide: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization

ProcedureHow to Prepare a System for WiFi Communications

Before You Begin

The following preparations assumes that your system is a laptop or personal computer that runs the Solaris Express, Developer Edition 2/07 or later release.

  1. Equip your system with a supported WiFi interface.

    Your system must have a WiFi card that is supported by Solaris. For the Solaris Express, Developer Edition 2/07 and later releases, you can use WiFi cards that support most Atheros chip sets. For a list of currently supported drivers and chip sets, refer to Wireless Networking for OpenSolaris.

    If the interface is not already present on the system, follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the interface card. You configure the interface software during the procedure How to Connect to a WiFi Network.

  2. Locate your system in a place that is served by a WiFi network, either commercial, municipal, or private.

    Your system must be near the access point for the network, which is normally not a consideration for a commercial or private network hot spot. However, if you plan to use a free municipal network, your location must be near the transmitter access point.

  3. (Optional) Set up a wireless router to serve as an additional access point.

    Set up your own router if no WiFi network is available at your location. For example, if you have a DSL line, connect the wireless router to the DSL router. Then the wireless router becomes the access point for your wireless devices.