System Administration Guide: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization

Municipal WiFi Networks

Cities throughout the world have constructed free municipal WiFi networks, which their citizens can access from systems in their homes. Municipal WiFi uses radio transmitters on telephone poles or other outdoor locations to form a “mesh” over the area that the network serves. These transmitters are the access points to the municipal WiFi network. If your area is served by a municipal WiFi network, your home might be included in the network's mesh.

Access to municipal WiFi is usually free. You can access the municipal network from a properly equipped laptop or personal computer that runs the Solaris OS. You do not need a home router to access the municipal network from your system. However, configuring a home router is recommended for areas where the signal from the municipal network is weak. Home routers are also recommended if you require secure connections over the WiFi network. For more information, see Secure WiFi Communications.