System Administration Guide: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization

Attaching New NICs

With DR support, you can attach, plumb, and then add new interfaces to existing IPMP groups. Or, if appropriate, you can configure the newly added interfaces into their own IPMP group. For procedures to configure IPMP groups, refer to Configuring IPMP Groups. After these interfaces have been configured, they are immediately available for use by IPMP. However, to benefit from the advantages of using customized link names, you must assign generic link names to replace the interface's hardware-based link names. Then you create corresponding configuration files by using the generic name that you just assigned. For procedures to configure a singe interface by using customized link names, refer to How to Configure an IP Interface After System Installation. After you assign a generic link name to interface, make sure that you always refer to the generic name when you perform any additional configuration on the interface such as using the interface for IPMP.