System Administration Guide: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization

Monitoring and Statistics–Gathering Task Map



For Instructions 

Validate the configuration of the VNIC for a host's global zone. 

Use standard tools to check whether the VNIC is working as expected. 

How to Verify the VNIC Configuration for the Global Zone

Validate the configuration of the virtual network. 

Check whether the virtual network is configured as expected and that the containers can pass traffic both internally and externally. 

How to Verify Configuration of a Virtual Network of Exclusive IP Zones

Observe activity on the virtual network to validate its configuration. 

Use the snoop command to verify that the containers of the private network can pass traffic to each other.

How to Verify Virtual Network Connectivity by Using the snoop Command

Obtain statistical information about interfaces and packet flows 

View current usage of VNICs and traffic flows 

How to Obtain Statistics on VNICs and How to Obtain Statistics on Flows

Accumulate flow usage statistics for billing purposes 

Gather statistical information on traffic flows for billing purposes. 

How to Configure Flow Accounting