System Administration Guide: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization

dladm Subcommands to Administer NIC Properties

For NIC drivers that have been converted to the GLDv3 framework, properties are configured by using the dladm command. This command enables you to configure the properties dynamically without causing any network disruption on other NICs of similar types. The values that you set are stored in a dladm repository and persist even after you reboot the system or unplumb the interface. Therefore, use dladm as the preferred command to configure NICs, instead of the ndd command.

To administer NIC drivers, you use the following dladm subcommands:

For more information about these commands, see the dladm(1M) man page.

Note –

Customizing NIC properties by using the dladm command is supported only in network drivers that have been converted to the GLDv3 framework, such as bge, nge, e1000g, and nxge.

Work continues to make other drivers become supported in the GLDv3 framework. To confirm whether your specific driver supports this feature, refer to the driver's man page.

The following section provides procedures to set certain NIC driver properties. The selected properties are public and common to all NIC drivers. A separate section describes driver specific properties as well as procedures to configure selected private properties of the e1000g driver.