Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures

ProcedureHow to Change the Password for root

The Security Administrator role is authorized to change any account's password at any time by using the Solaris Management Console. However, the Solaris Management Console cannot change the password of a system account. A system account is an account whose UID is below 100. root is a system account because its UID is 0.

  1. Become superuser.

    If your site has made superuser into the root role, assume the root role.

  2. Choose Change Password from the trusted path menu.

    The illustration shows the trusted symbol and the trusted path menu.
  3. Change the password, and confirm the change.

Example 11–2 Changing the Password for a Role

Any user who can assume a role that is defined in LDAP can use the Trusted Path menu to change the password for the role. The password is then changed in LDAP for all users who attempt to assume the role.

As in the Solaris OS, the Primary Administrator role can change the password for a role by using the Solaris Management Console. In Trusted Extensions, the Security Administrator role can change another role's password by using the Solaris Management Console.