Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures

ProcedureHow to Remove Page Labels From All Print Jobs

This procedure prevents all print jobs on a Trusted Extensions printer from including visible labels on the body pages of the print job.

Before You Begin

You must be in the Security Administrator role in the global zone.

  1. Edit the /usr/lib/lp/postscript/ file.

    Use the trusted editor. For details, see How to Edit Administrative Files in Trusted Extensions.

  2. Find the definition of /PageLabel.

    Find the following lines:

    %% To eliminate page labels completely, change this line to
    %% set the page label to an empty string: /PageLabel () def
    /PageLabel Job_PageLabel def

    Note –

    The value Job_PageLabel might be different at your site.

  3. Replace the value of /PageLabel with a set of empty parentheses.

    /PageLabel () def