Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures

ProcedureHow to Configure a Multilevel Port for NFSv3 Over udp

This procedure is used to enable NFSv3 read-down mounts over udp. The Solaris Management Console is used to add the MLP.

Before You Begin

You must be in the Security Administrator role in the global zone.

  1. Start the Solaris Management Console.

    For details, see How to Administer the Local System With the Solaris Management Console.

  2. Choose the Files toolbox.

    The title of the toolbox includes Scope=Files, Policy=TSOL.

  3. Configure the zone and the MLP.

    1. Navigate to the Trusted Network Zones tool.

    2. Double-click the global zone.

    3. Add a multilevel port for the UDP protocol:

      1. Click Add for the Multilevel Ports for Zone's IP Addresses.

      2. Type 2049 for the port number, and click OK.

    4. Click OK to save the settings.

  4. Close the Solaris Management Console.

  5. Update the kernel.

    # tnctl -fz /etc/security/tsol/tnzonecfg