Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures

ProcedureInstall a Solaris System to Support Trusted Extensions

This task applies to fresh installations of the Solaris OS. If you are upgrading, see Prepare an Installed Solaris System for Trusted Extensions.

Install the Trusted Extensions Package After upgrading to the latest Dev release, and rebooting the system, open the Package Manager again to get the Trusted Extensions package. Enter trusted in the Search text area to get a list of Trusted Extensions packages. Select trusted-extensions . Then select Install/Update. There is also a new trusted-nonglobal package which enumerates the initial set of packages required in a labeled brand zone to run the Trusted Desktop. This will be retrieved from the repository when you install your first zone.

  1. When installing the Solaris OS, create a user account and the root role account.

    In Trusted Extensions, you use the root role to configure the system.

  2. Assign a different password to each account.

  3. After the default installation of OpenSolaris 2010.03 is completed, start the Package Manager.

  4. Install the Trusted Extensions package.

    1. For list of Trusted Extensions packages, type trusted in the Search text area.

    2. Select trusted-extensions.

    3. Select Install/Update.

    The correct packages are installed on your system.