System Administration Guide: Solaris Printing

Introduction to the OpenSolaris Print Manager

The OpenSolaris Print Manager application is a GUI that you can use to manage local and remote printer queues, printer groups, and print jobs from the desktop. Print Manager enables you to perform many aspects of printer administration. You can launch the OpenSolaris Print Manager from the Main Menubar on the desktop panel. See Getting Started With the OpenSolaris Print Manager for instructions.

When you launch the Print Manager application, the Print Manager window opens. In some instances, you can open the Print Manager window by clicking the panel notification icon that appears in the desktop panel or by choosing Printers from the panel notification icon's context menu. From here, you can create and manage printer queues, groups, and jobs, as well as view or change printer preferences and perform searches. See About the Print Manager Window.

When you plug a new USB printer into your computer, or when a new network printer is discovered by the system, a notification is displayed on the desktop and a configuration dialog automatically opens. This dialog allows you to finish configuring the new printer. For more information about the auto-discovery feature, see Adding Newly Discovered Printers From the Desktop.

Common Tasks That You Can Perform With OpenSolaris Print Manager

In an office:

At home or on the road: