Solaris Express Developer Edition What's New

ZFS Command History (zpool history)

This system administration tools enhancement is new in the Solaris Express 12/06 release.

ZFS automatically logs successful zfs and zpool commands that modify pool state information. For example:

# zpool history
History for 'newpool':
2006-10-23.08:58:22 zpool create -f newpool c1t2d0
2006-10-23.08:59:02 zpool replace -f newpool c1t2d0 c1t3d0
2006-10-23.08:59:54 zpool attach -f newpool c1t3d0 c1t4d0

This feature enables you or Sun support personnel to identify the exact set of ZFS commands that was executed to troubleshoot an error scenario.

The features of the history log are as follows:

Currently, the zpool history command does not record user-ID, hostname, or zone-name.

For more information about troubleshooting ZFS problems, see Solaris ZFS Administration Guide.