Sun N1 System Manager 1.2 Introduction

Discover Provisionable Servers to Manage

Before you can manage the provisionable servers, the N1 System Manager must locate the servers and be able to access them. The discovery process is used to locate, identify, and set up network access to the provisionable servers. You can run the discovery process by clicking the Discover button in the browser interface) or by running the discover command in the command line pane.

Once discovered, the provisionable servers are displayed in the System Dashboard tab in the browser interface. You can also list all discovered provisionable servers by typing the command show server all in the command line pane. After all provisionable servers have been discovered, you can then group the servers based on your business or organizational needs if desired.

You can then perform the following management tasks on the provisionable servers from the N1 System Manager browser interface or command line:

See Discovering Servers in Sun N1 System Manager 1.2 Administration Guide for more details.

When you have completed provisionable server discovery and notification setup, you can perform the repetitive administrative tasks described in the following sections.