Sun N1 System Manager 1.2 Introduction

Install OS Updates on Provisionable Servers

Once you have an OS installed on a provisionable server, the N1 System Manager enables you to install OS updates, which consist of either Solaris packages and patches or Linux RPMs depending on the OS on the provisionable server. Installing OS updates on servers for the first time is a two-step process:

  1. The N1 System Manager must have system access to the OS update before the update can be installed on the provisionable servers. You can copy the required OS update into the N1 System Managerusing the create update command .

    The create update command is used to import an OS update from a web site or from an accessible file system on the management server. Once an OS update has been copied to the management server, you can display the OS update in the browser interface under Shortcuts or you can use the show update command.

  2. Install the OS update on the appropriate provisionable servers by using the browser interface. or by using the command line load server or load group commands.

See Managing Packages, Patches, and RPMs in Sun N1 System Manager 1.2 Administration Guide for details.