Sun N1 System Manager 1.2 Site Preparation Guide

ProcedureTo Update the /etc/hosts file

  1. Log in as root to the Sun N1 System Manager management server.

  2. Verify that the /etc/hosts file has entries for loopback and the management server.

    1. Make certain that either of the following loopback entries is in the /etc/hosts file.    localhost

      or    localhost.localdomain    localhost
    2. Make certain that an entry exists for the management server and its IP address. For example: n1mgmt.domain n1mgmt.domain

      where is the IP address of the management server, and n1mgmt is the name of the management server and domain is your company domain name.

      Your /etc/hosts should be similar to the following example:    localhost.localdomain    localhost
    3. Save and close /etc/hosts.

  3. Reboot the N1 System Manager management server.

Next Steps

Configure the management server mail service as described in Configuring the Management Server Mail Service and Account.