Sun N1 System Manager 1.2 Site Preparation Guide

Installing the Solaris OS on the Management Server

This section provides procedures for installing and configuring the Solaris OS on your management server. The Solaris OS must be installed on the management server before you can install the N1 System Manager system software.

This section discusses the following topics:

Disk Drive Considerations

The Solaris OS must be installed on an empty hard drive that contains no partitions or data. If the hard drive contains partitions, delete the partitions before installing the Solaris OS.

The following table provides the partitioning information for SPARC and x86 architecture management server, based on the minimum requirement of a 73–gigabyte hard drive.

Table 3–1 Solaris-based Management Server Partitioning




4 Gbytes minimum 


1-Gbyte for system logging plus 3 Gbytes for each OS distribution you plan to provision. 


All remaining space 

Note –

Allocate 3 Gbytes of free space for each distribution you plan to provision. If needed, upgrade the management server to a larger hard drive before continuing.

Installing the Solaris OS Using the JumpStart File

This section provides an example of the JumpStart configuration file required to use JumpStart to install Solaris 10 on your management server.

Refer to your Solaris 10 documentation for the procedures for configuring a JumpStart server, and for the procedures to configure the JumpStart start and finish scripts for your environment. When you have completed JumpStart configuration, install Solaris 10 on your management server using JumpStart.

Example 3–1 JumpStart Configuration File

install_type    initial_install
system_type     standalone
partitioning    explicit
filesys c1t1d0s1        4096     swap
filesys c1t1d0s0        free    /
cluster SUNWCXall

After you have installed Solaris 10 on your management server:

Installing the Solaris OS Manually

This section provides the procedures for installing the Solaris OS manually on the management server.

ProcedureTo Install Solaris Manually

Before You Begin

Ensure the partitions on all disks on the management server have been deleted.

  1. Insert the Solaris installation DVD-ROM in the DVD drive of the N1 System Manager and reboot the system.

    Respond to each prompt according to the requirements of your environment.

  2. When prompted for the Type of Install, select Custom Install.

    Respond to each prompt according to the requirements of your environment.

  3. When prompted for the Software Group, select Entire Group Plus OEM.

  4. When prompted for disk selection, select all available disks.

  5. When prompted to lay out file systems, remove the /export/home directory, allocate 1-Gbyte plus 3 Gbytes per OS distribution that you plan to provision to the /var file hierarchy, and assign all remaining free space to / (the system root directory).

Next Steps