Sun N1 System Manager 1.2 Site Preparation Guide

ProcedureTo Enable FTP on a Solaris Based Management Server

  1. Log in to the management server as root.

  2. Type the command svcadm -v enable network/ftp.

    The FTP service is enabled, and starts when the management server is rebooted. After the system is rebooted, you can verify whether the FTP service has start using the inetadm command:

    # inetadm
    enabled   online         svc:/network/telnet:default
    enabled   online         svc:/network/nfs/rquota:default
    disabled  disabled       svc:/network/echo:dgram
    disabled  disabled       svc:/network/time:stream
    enabled   online         svc:/network/ftp:default 
Next Steps

Update the /etc/hosts file as described in Updating the /etc/hosts File