Sun N1 System Manager 1.2 Command Line Reference Manual

add server

This command adds the N1 System Manager features to a provisionable server.


To benefit from some of the N1 System Management functionality, you must add features to the provisionable servers. The two types of features are base management, which is required for OS updates and remote commands, and OS monitoring, which is required to monitor the OS resource health on the server. When a feature is added, the feature is installed on the provisionable server, the specified agent credentials are set, and the feature becomes supported on the server. In the case of the OS monitoring feature, monitoring is also enabled if not already. The Base Management Supported and OS Monitoring Supported fields in the show server output provide the current support status on a server's features.

After you upgrade the Sun N1 System Manager from a previous release, you can use this command with the upgrade keyword to upgrade the existing features on a provisionable server.